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The Patch Master Pro.


    Ever tried to record your laser show on a modified* DAT recorder only to discovered that your graphics controller and laser projector are incompatible with the I/O levels of your DAT recorder? Than this is just what you need. Specifically designed to compensate for the difference between your laser light show system and a modified* DAT recorder the Patch Master Pro also provides test level outputs to calibrate your projector and an ILDA standard output. BAM !


    * All audio recording devices are inherently A.C. coupled and if possible require a small modification to become D.C. devices.

Key Benefits

bulletBipolar inputs and outputs
bulletILDA standard output
bulletTest level output


Description SKU # Price
Patch Master Pro PMP $950.00
Patch Master Pro with 3 ft. cables PMP-C3 $1200.00
Patch Master Pro with 12 ft. cables PMP-C12 $1300.00

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